The Urban Factory is proud to be the home of local cheer team North East Cheer. As an ever growing participation sport within the UK, North East Cheer prides itself on being one of the longest established and largest programmes in the region. 

North East Cheer have recently represented the UK at one of the worlds most prestigious competitions, The Summit. The event was held in Florida April 2019 and 43 local athletes from North East Cheer travelled out to compete. North East Cheer have also represented the UK at the 2010 and 2013 Worlds, and competed at every Europe Championship between 2007-2015.

Not only building confidence and self esteem, classes will focus on all aspects of cheerleading including tumbling, stunting jumps and dance. A great place to start is in one of our recreational classes. Here you will learn the basic skills of cheerleading. From here members can then move onto North East Cheers Allstar Programme which features some of the most successful cheer teams in the country. 

There are two tpyes of competition teams at North East Cheer:

PREP TEAM: Train 2 hours per week and compete at 2 local competitions per years. This is a great place to start for beginners and no experience is needed.

ALLSTAR CHEER: Train 2 x 2 hours per week and compete at a number of events throughout the country.

For more info on our programme please email

Regardless of your ability, North East Cheer will ensure your child is given the very best introduction to this amazing sport and given every opportunity to progress to be the best they can possibly be.